About US:

Karyn is a full time Real Estate Professional with a passion for assisting clients in the often-confusing world of real estate transactions.  She brings to the table many years of experience in real estate sales in addition to considerable investor experience, both as a realtor and as an investor.   Karyn has assembled a team of professionals that can assist in any area related to your purchase, including financing, pre-qualification through to purchase and title transfer.  These are professionals that she has personally vetted and are among the best in their respective industries.

Karyn has direct investor experience as a property owner, rehabber and mentor.  With over 15 years of experience she is able to help both new and experienced investors, knowing the ins and outs of the business.

Karyn’s team knows how to ensure her clients are properly cared for, with a strong professional background, years of industry experience, responsiveness, and a detailed approach.    We would love to assist you in selling your property or buying that special place to call home

“Karyn takes pride in being very focused on her customers requirements, responsive to their schedules, and thorough in meeting expectations.  She puts the joy back into shopping for a home!”